Male-Erotika Movie Review


Erotikus Director: Chet Thomas & Brad Austin
Studio: Catalina Video
Starring: Gianfranco, Tony Bracco, Chad Conners, Eric Marx, Mike Nichols, Jesse Skylar, Joe Romero, Patrick Ives, Dax Kelly

Click to enlarge! The box cover, title, and promotional material for this video is totally misleading, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. With a title like Erotikus, you'd expect a movie about gladiators. Or, at the very least, a movie about leather and submission. Instead we get a movie about the modern day mating rituals of a group of single gay men. Tony Brocco meets Chad Conners at a party. This leads to a poolside encounter. Conners gives Brocco a lengthy blowjob. Then the husky lad bottoms for his big, hairy companion. Joe Romero, normally an aggressive top, takes on a submissive role in his scene with super hung Mike Nichols. He gives Mike a mean blowjob and later offers up his ass for some deep anal probing from Mike's manmeat. Dax Kelly plays a young man who's given up on the dating scene in favor of self love. What waste! We get see watch him as he fingers his smooth bubble butt and fondles his slick cock while watching a copy of Catalina Classics. Eric Marx and Patrick Ives are the committed couple. They trade blowjobs in an outdoor Jacuzzi, then Patrick rides Eric's cock on a deck chair. Cover model Gianfranco anchors the video with Jesse Skylar in the final scene. They play an initially commitment-phobic couple who decide to commit after a sweaty encounter in front of a fireplace. Gianfranco looks stunning in the video and in the box cover art work. I would've liked it more if he had gotten more screen time, but all in all this is a pretty good video.

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