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Like A Horse

Like A Horse Online Rental: 24 hrs $8.99
Director: Matt Sterling
Studio: Huge Video
Starring: Steve Henson, Mark Rebel, Brad Walsh, Eric Ruff, Shawn McIvan (aka Brian Hawkes, Brian Hawks), Joe Craig, Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North), Justin Scott, Mike Ramsey, Randy Page, Chaz Holderman

Shawn McIvan gives Mike Ramsey a blowjob! Here's another hot one from the Matt Sterling collection. Cover model Steve Henson, who has the deceptively innocent looks of a teen idol, introduces four segments while sitting by the pool in his tighty-whities. He takes a dip before the first segment begins so we get a teasing shot of Steve in his wet white undies by the time the second segment begins.
    In the first segment we find three guys -- two white, one a beefy Latino -- in a round of tag team wresting. This scene should please wrestling fetishists since the wrestling match itself is treated as a sex act. In the buildup leading to the inevitable threeway the guys engage in some fierce competition, literally ripping the clothes off each other. After one of the white guys wins a match by pinning the Latino's head to the mat by sitting on his face, the hardcore action begins with each other three wrestlers stripped down to their sweaty jockstraps. Like the wrestling that preceded it, the sex is pretty rough. When one of the white guys gets double teamed, the swarthy Latin top spanks his ass till his cheeks are glowing red. His burning cheeks are soothed by a wad of cum when the Latino pulls out and shoots on his ass. The Latino follows this up almost immediately by blowing another load. Finally, the second white guy fuck his face and blows a load on his chest.

A wider shot reveals Peter North bent over on all fours so a horny queer can slip a hard cock up his muscular, str8-male-porn-star butt hole!

    In the second segment, Shawn McIvan fantasizes about a studly businessman (Mike Ramsey) he sees on the street. In his fantasy, Ramsey appears in nothing but a loincloth leading a tiger on a leash. McIvan is wearing even less! They share an apple like Adam & Steve in the Garden of Eden, then Shawn goes down on Ramsey's heft cock. There's some hair pulling and some light spanking when Mike fucks Shawn's ass. Shawn shoots a geyser of cum after he impales himself on Mike's prong. Then Mike straddles Shawn's face and fucks his mouth. Shawn is still hard while Mike is doing this so he strokes his cock. Mike squats on Shawn's face. At one point -- and I have to say I do think this is kinda nasty -- Mike puts a finger up his butt and then gets Shawn to lick it. They both end up cumming while Shawn eats Mike's ass.
    The third segment offers a heaping helping of raunchy leather sex outside a leather bar. A rough leather queen finds a guy in a leather jacket jerking off in the alley. Not wasting any time, he grabs him by the head, forcing him to lick his pits and his tits, then he makes him go down. But first, the leather queen has the jacket wearing stud begging for it before he lets him suck his cock. The leather queen returns the favor, but proves to be a bossy cocksucker when he makes the jacketed stud ask for it nicely. “Suck me please.” One of the wrestlers from the first segment enters the alley in time to see the leather man sitting on the passive stud's face and promptly shoves his ass into the leather man's face. The leather man is sucking his cock while the jacketed stud gives him a rim job when the beefy Latin hunk from the wrestling scene rides up on a motorcycle. The leather man and the jacketed stud take turns fucking the wrestler. Then the Latino joins in, fucking the leather man until he blows a load on his chest.
    This last scene is the main reason I bought the video, because it features a gay group scene where a legendary superstar from the straight porn industry TAKES IT UP THE FUCKIN' ASS!
    This scene begins innocently enough with that adorable heartthrob Steve riding a horse in the middle of nowhere. He spots a tent and hops off his horse so he can check it out. Inside he finds a treasure trove that includes a magic lamp. Silly I know, but bear with me…
Shawn McIvan fucks Steve Hanson while Peter North takes it up the ass in the background!     Steve rubs the lamp three times and three studs magically appear out of a puff of smoke. This is when we learn that the title wasn't inspired by the horse Steve rode in on, because these three strapping hunks are hung better than Seabiscuit! And they're all hard and stroking their enormous dicks. One of these studs just happens to be Peter North (aka Matt Ramsey). The other two are Shawn McIvan and a good looking cutie whose name I‘m not sure of.
    When we get down to the nitty-gritty, Shawn tweaks and sucks Peter's nipples. Judging from the looks of Peter's dick, it would be an understatement to say he really doesn't mind this. He starts rubbing the other guy's chest while Shawn is doing this. He even strokes Shawn's ass while the other guy is sucking him off! Meanwhile, Steve strips completely naked so he can enjoy the show. There's some cock sucking action from the three magic studs. Unfortunately, while Peter seems to enjoy getting head from the other guys, he's unwilling to reciprocate. Still -- selfish as he is -- it looks like he's having a good time.
    The nameless hunk fucks Steve's mouth while Shawn and Peter rub their cocks together. Then, after Steve calls Shawn over to suck his dick, Peter enjoys a good ass eating from the other stud. When Steve wants someone to eat his ass, Shawn and other stud oblige while Peter licks and caresses Steve's back. I guess this is as far as Peter was willing to go. The mouth is his limit! Sure, he'll stroke and caress and even fuck, but he won't do anything with his mouth.
    With three studs working him over, Steve gets horny as hell and begs for someone to fuck him. That's when we see a close-up of a dick sliding into an asshole. A wider shot reveals Peter North bent over on all fours so a horny queer can slip a hard cock up his muscular, str8-male-porn-star butt hole! He won't suck dick, but he will take it up the ass. And really like it! I never understood that about Peter. He's a queer bird, he is.
    Anyway, Peter North takes a hard ass pounding from the sexy anonymous stud while Shawn fucks Steve. These four hunks finally work themselves into a frenzied, orgasmic climax that ends with Steve getting soaked by his three co-stars. Needless to say, Peter's cum shot is the biggest of all.
    A straight guy getting off on gay sex is an archetypal gay sex fantasy -- like so many elements from the rest of the video, which makes Like A Horse, at the very least, a must see.

Huge Video is part of the Falcon Family of companies.

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